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Meet the founder,
president & CEO

Shawn Laurie, a Combat Veteran with two tours in Afghanistan, totaling nine years in the Army, was Injured on his last tour of duty and eventually Medically Retired in 2012.

he returned home, struggling for many years not only with his Diagnosis of PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression but also with Opioid Addiction.

after eight long years, he wanted more from life, learning to shift his mindset, he was determined to get clean and sober in February of 2018.

Six months later, Shawn's determination shined with going live on Facebook one day, beginning his amazing journey. Deciding he wanted to help others that were also suffering, the creation of the Vetlife4Life™ organization was formed.

By the end of 2018, Shawn received his first invite to speak in Washington, D.C. about Veteran Suicide. 

Since then, Shawn has spoken on multiple stages, traveled to multiple different cities, and continues collaborating with other speakers and content creators to spread the message.

Shawn has spent the last five years as a life and recovery coach, motivational speaker, published author (Veteran Mindset 2.0 "Warriors think different"), podcast host (From Struggles to Success), and a Social Media Influencer (@Sir_VeteranGuy), with a total of a half-million followers across all social media platforms.

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