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Who is VetLife4Life™?

created on May 27, 2016, as a Facebook Private Group to help Veterans, their families and supporters that were struggling, after finding out that his Army Battle Buddy, whom Shawn served with at Ft. Gordon, had committed suicide.

Shawn became aware that there was a PTSD/Addiction Problem after combat with Veterans who were getting out of the military resulting in committing suicide on a national record. (Referred as the 22-a-day epidemic). So, the idea of creating a safe place was needed. 


After a few months, the movement took off and soon became a place where thousands of members got involved. 


Today, VetLife4Life™ is a certified 501c3 nonprofit and we're on all social media platforms, collaborating with multiple other organizations, creating positive changes, and saving lives. 


proving to not only be a place to help veterans that are struggling, we've grown a family to thousands of people across the globe who've come together for the greater cause.

determined to achieve the goal of opening a day-one mindset ranch, we want to bring more resources to the veteran community, their family, and supporters.

the ranch will also have resources for recovering addicts who weren't able to serve.

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